We recommend following the American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP) guidelines for well child exams and immunizations. At each exam we’ll check your child’s growth, well-being and development as well as offer guidance on nutrition, sleep, safety and other important topics. These visits are a great opportunity to learn more and ask questions about your child’s health.

WELL CHILD CHECK-UP can involve some or all of these items, depending on the child’s age:

  • Vaccinations, if needed
  • Measurements and growth chart check
  • Nutrition and eating habits, such as appetite, dieting, obesity, and eating disorders
  • Exercise, including quantity and type, leisure activities, and sports
  • Hygiene, including sleep habits, dental care, hand-washing, any itchiness or other irregular symptoms
  • Intellectual development, depending on age of the child, including emerging social and developmental skills and school performance
  • Emotional health and self-esteem, including behavioural concerns, family dynamic, sibling rivalry





Child wellness is really the crux of what paediatrics is all about. During our well-child visits, one of our important tasks is to provide a general health assessment including nutrition and exercise, carefully observing growth and development, and helping guide you toward having your child become a healthy adult.


One of the key responsibilities of parents is to make sure their children remain healthy during their formative years.
Besides providing routine health care, well child visits are important because they are effective in helping to prevent and detect illnesses and problems before symptoms occur.
Regular paediatric well child visits are intended specifically for children from birth through their teen years. This is a period of rapid growth and change and is the best time to address conditions that can affect their long term overall health and development.

An on-going relationship between a family and their paediatrician is a key requirement of quality health care for children.
This relationship helps to build a level of trust that is important to achieving effective communication during the well child visit. Well child visits permit parents to prepare topics for discussion in concert with their child’s examination.


Dr Shaivali Joshi is pleased to see children from birth through age 21. The following is a schedule for preventive care visits for well children. This schedule will vary at the doctor’s discretion.

1 visit every month until the age one yr .

1 visit  every 3 months from age one until age three

1 visit every 6 months for ages three to five years

Annual check-ups beginning at age 6 till 18 years .

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